जय माता दी


It is believed that when Annamdev, the younger brother of the King of Warangal, Annamdev came here from Warangal, he had received the boon of Danteshwari Mata that his kingdom would expand as far as Annamdev and the goddess would come after him, as far as Annamdev would walk, but on one condition. It was that he cannot look back, if he looks back, then the goddess has to be established there.

Annamdev kept walking for many days and nights, when Dankini reached the confluence of Shankhni river while walking, then the sound of anklets in the feet immersed in the water of the river was not coming due to the water, then Annamdev looked back. After which the goddess refused to move forward. According to the promise, Annamdev got a temple built for the mother near the confluence of Dankini Shankhini, since then the idol of the mother is sitting there.