जय माता दी


The temple is dedicated to six armed Mahisasuramardini as “Danteswari” carved on a black stone. According to local tradition, a tooth of Sati, consort of Siva, had fallen here, making the place as one of the Sakti-pithas of India. Danteswari Devi Temple is an east-faced temple and located at the confluence of rivers Sankhini and Dankini in Dantewada. The temple is comprising with its components such as Garbhgriha, Antaral, Mukhamandap, Muktimandap (Darshak Dirgha) and Natamandap. The Garbhagriah, Antaral and Mukhmandap were constructed by stone whereas the Muktimandap and Natamandap were constructed in pyramidal shape with the help of 32 wooden pillars covering with terracotta tiles. At the entrance door of the temple Garuda Pillar is standing. In the present Natamandap, there is a Bhairav Temple which, in the past, was isolated from the main Danteswari Temple. But, in the later period, during the construction of Natamandap the Bhairav Temple came inside it and the same is still in existence in-situ.

This temple was constructed by the rulers of Chindak Nagvanshi of Bastar. It is revealed from an inscription dated 1224 A.D., which was retrieved from an archaeological site named Jatanpal, that the Devi Manikeswari was the tutelary deity of King Narsingh Jagdek Bhushan of aforesaid Chindak Nagvanshi. As per the inscription of Bhairamgarh, the goddese Danteswari was, at that time known as Manikeswari Devi. The main image of Denteshwari Devi Temple is of six armed Mahisharsurmardini and carved out in black stone. This place has earned its fame as a saktipitha since one teeth of Sati, wife of Siva fallen here. This temple is datable to 11th -12th century A.D. Further in 14th century A.D. this temple was renovated by Annamdev who was the brother of Prataprudra of Warangal.

Distrcit :

Dakshin Bastar Dantewada




Geographicaly (Lat. 18.53' 48" N; Long 81.20' 42" E )



Jagdalpur (city) is Nearest Aipport. 86 KM far from dantewada Dist. via NH

Railway Station

Dantewada (city ) is Railway station. 1 KM far from the temple/city

Bus Statnd

Dantewada (city ) is City Bus Stand. 500 Meter far from the temple.