जय माता दी

Mythical Story

According to mythological belief, one day Mata Sati, wife of Mahadev Shiva, went to a great yagya of her father Daksha and in this yagya, Daksha did not invite Lord Shiva, the husband of Mother Sati, because he did not consider Shiva as God. Mother Sati could not bear this humiliation of her husband Shiva and got absorbed in the fire of Yagya and abandoned her body. When Lord Shiva saw this, his third eye opened and he started the tandava dance with the burning body of Sati. All the gods kept watching this and no one could stop them. Then Lord Vishnu with his Sudarshan Chakra divided the body of Mother Sati into 52 pieces. All the pieces of the body fell at different places on the earth and at those places Baba Bhairav ​​ji established Shaktipeeths. One of those Shaktipeeths is considered to be Dantewada, due to the loss of the teeth of Mother Sati, the place was named Dantewada and mother's name was Danteshwari.

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